We manufacture leaflets applying thorough monitoring over the entire process,
checking and controlling the technical specifications of the product at each stage.

Offset printing in roll rotary presses.
We have nine offset machines ranging from two to four colours, of different sizes, offering a wide array of printing options.

Manufacturing of 1,200,000 units daily
Our machinery allows us to produce more than one million units daily, providing high capacity and production flexibility.

2,200 m2 warehouse space
The space is separated into zones in order to improve the flow of the process: raw materials area, production area and warehouse dispatch area.

ISO 9001 Certification
We have implemented a quality management system and we are regularly audited by our customers. Striving daily for continuous improvement, we introduce into our system corrective actions and proposals coming from them.

Participation in e-tender and e-auctions
We boast a wealth of experience in annual assessment of volume in e-tender and e-auctions, both at national and European level.

Quality assurance
We hold quality assurance contracts, including liability insurance.

Industrias Gráficas Agustín García, LTD recognizes its environmental responsibility, accepting the following commitments:

Control and optimize the use of natural resources without compromising the needs of the activity.

Identify, reduce and control pollution that its processes may cause to the environment.

Create, implement and maintain a management system that helps to reduce environmental pollution.

Promote continuous improvement of the management system in all aspects as identified by the company.

Provide the necessary resources to enforce this policy, thus achieving the established environmental objectives and targets.

Prevent or at least minimize the possible pollution of air, water and soil through emission control and the appropriate disposal of waste.

Set and review environmental objectives and targets, within a process of continuous improvement, according to its resources and impacts.

Encourage workers to save resources, especially non-renewable ones.

Communicate  this policy to the team and to external agents, making them aware of its importance to the company and to society in general.

Comply with applicable environmental legislation and commitments voluntarily.